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Bay City Boat Lines is happy to work with school groups.

The number of students and chaperones determines which vessel will be scheduled. Most outings take place on the Princess Wenonah.

We will provide a tour guide to highlight ecology, geography and especially history as we travel on the river. Our guides will tailor the information presented depending on grade level and teacher preferences.

If desired, our snack bar can be open during the trip for refreshments. Sorry, no outside food or beverage permissible.

We advise one chaperone per every 3-5 children, depending on the age group. Please advise students and chaperones to stay together throughout the tour. Total number of passengers allowed is 150.

Both of our vessels meet or exceed all Coast Guard safety requirements for training and equipment.

We recommend 1-1/2 to 2 hour tours depending on the grade level.

Tours may scheduled downriver toward Saginaw Bay or upriver toward the Zilwaukee area. Both routes offer ample opportunity for discussion. See Routes page for map.

Please contact Michelle Judd to discuss your specific needs and cost.


Bay City Boat Lines Support

Youth Education

    Our schools continue to do more with less. Funding for school field trips is almost non-existent in many districts. We have created a scholarship fund for school funding and encourage your support.     

    Donations to our Youth Education Fund will be available as scholarship monies to schools who wish to plan an educational field trip aboard the Princess Wenonah or Islander. Local schools may apply for assistance and we will provide scholarships as funds allow.

    If you know a school planning a trip, you may direct your donation to be used for that group. Undesignated donations will be used to create a pool of funds to use as needed for any school that applies.

    For more information contact us at (989) 891-2628.